The Iowa Geological Survey (IGS) Oakdale Research Facility is located on the University of Iowa Oakdale Campus, one mile north of Interstate 80 (exit 240) on Highway 965.  

 It is housed in a blue steel building on the west edge of the Oakdale Campus on Old Farmstead Road. The 16,000 sq. ft. building serves as a center for geologic research and houses the IGS's Rock Library, the repository for drill core (over 400,000 ft.) and chip samples (over 35,000 sites), as well as samples collected from natural exposures and quarries throughout Iowa. The facility includes stations for core logging, processing and microscopic study of drill samples and production of striplogs, laboratories for the processing of microfossils, and computer stations for the entry of data into the IGS's databases. Additionally, it is used for equipment maintenance and storage, fabrication of equipment, and for publication and file storage.

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