L.S. Seigley (editor)

Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau,
Technical Information Series 32, 1994, 143 p.


The Sny Magill Nonpoint Source Pollution Monitoring Project, in northeast Clayton County, Iowa, is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Section 319 National Monitoring Program, designed to support 20 to 30 watershed projects nationwide to document the effectiveness of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution controls in restoring water quality. Funding for the Sny Magill Project is provided, in part, through U.S. EPA Region VII, Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The Sny Magill Project began in October 1991 and is an interagency effort designed to monitor and assess improvements in the surface water quality of the Sny Magill Creek resulting from the implementation of two U.S. Department of Agriculture land treatment projects in the watershed (the Sny Magill Hydrologic Unit Area Project and the North Cedar Creek Water Quality Special Project). A paired watershed approach is being used to compare surface water quality of Sny Magill Creek (27.6 square mile watershed) to Bloody Run Creek (34.3 square mile watershed), the adjacent watershed to the north. There are five monitoring components to the project: (1) U.S. Geological Survey stream gages on Sny Magill and Bloody Run creeks, (2) an annual habitat assessment along the stream corridors, (3) biomonitoring of benthic macroinvertebrates, (4) an annual fisheries survey, and (5) weekly to monthly monitoring of nine sites on Sny Magill and Bloody Run creeks for chemical and physical water quality variables. This report is a compendium of work done in the Sny Magill Watershed and surrounding areas, both prior to the beginning of the Sny Magill Project and during the first water year (October 1991 to September 1992) of activities. The report is intended to provide perspective for analysis of future data from the Sny Magill Project.


Table of Contents

Geology, Hydrogeology, and Landuse of Sny Magill and Bloody Run Watersheds (Abstract)

by E.A. Bettis III, L.S. Seigley, G.R. Hallberg, and J.D. Giglierano

Paleozoic Plateau Erosion Perspective (Abstract)

by E.A. Bettis III

Water Quality Monitoring Perspectives for Northeast Iowa (Abstract)

by G.R. Hallberg, L.S. Seigley, R.D. Libra, Z-J. Liu, R.D. Rowden, K.D. Rex, M.R. Craig, and K.O. Mann

Summary of Baseline Water-Quality Data for Sny Magill and Bloody Run Watersheds, and Surrounding Locations (Abstract)

by L.S. Seigley and G.R. Hallberg

Water Quality of Private Water Supplies in Sny Magill and Bloody Run Watersheds (Abstract)

by L.S. Seigley and G.R. Hallberg

Suspended Sediment and Stream Discharge in Bloody Run and Sny Magill Watersheds: Water Year 1992 (Abstract)

by S.J. Kalkhoff and D.A. Eash

1991 Habitat Evaluation Results - Baseline Information (Abstract)

by T.F. Wilton

1991 Benthic Biomonitoring Pilot Study Results (Abstract)

by M.D. Schueller, M.C. Hausler, and J.O. Kennedy

Historical Biological Water Quality Data for Sny Magill and Bloody Run Creeks (Abstract)

by M.W. Birmingham and J.O. Kennedy

1991 Fish Assessment for Sny Magill Creek (Abstract)

by G. Wunder and L. Stahl

1992 Fish Assessment for Sny Magill and Bloody Run Watersheds (Abstract)

by G. Wunder and L. Stahl