G.A. Ludvigson and B.J. Bunker (editors)

Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau
Guidebook Series 8, 1988, 251 p.


Part I: Stratigraphic and Paleogeographic Perspectives
1) Introduction, G.A. Ludvigson
2) Proterozoic geology and geologic history of the area around the Plum River Fault Zone, eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois, R.R. Anderson
3) Stratigraphy and lithofacies of the Dresbachian (Upper Cambrian) Eau Claire Formation in the subsurface of eastern Iowa, R.M.McKay
4) Changing structural and depositional patterns, Ordovician Champlainian and Cincinnatian Series of Iowa-Illinois, B.J. Witzke and D.R. Kolata
5) Early Silurian carbonates from the Upper Mississippi Valley area as a key to platform development on a cratonic scale, M.E. Johnson
6) Late Middle through Lower Upper Devonian stratigraphy across eastern Iowa, B.J. Bunker
7) A Caseyville (Morrowan) miospore assemblage from Jackson County, Iowa, B.K. Nations

Part II: Perspectives on Late Diagenetic Features
1) Introduction, G.A. Ludvigson
2) Geology and isotope geochemistry of Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc mineralization at Mount Carroll, Illinois, G.A. Ludvigson and T.M. Millen
3) A fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of Minor Upper Mississippi Valley-type sulfide mineralization in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, P.G. Spry and K.B. Kutz,
4) Mineralogy, paragenesis, and stable isotopic compositions of mineral deposits associated with Late Paleozoic karst fills in Johnson County, Iowa, P.L. Garvin and G.A. Ludvigson
5) Geochemistry of fracture-filling calcites in the Plum River Fault Zone; hydrogeologic and tectonic implications, G.A. Ludvigson

Part III: Field Guide
1) Field trip guide and stop descriptions
Saturday Stop 1. The Silurian Hopkinton and Scotch Grove formations, G.A. Ludvigson and B.J. Witzke
Stop 2. The Ordovician Galena and Maquoketa groups at the Mount Carroll Quarry; Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposits, G.A. Ludvigson, D.R. Kolata, and T.M. Millen
Stop 3. Upper portion of the Maquoketa Group at the Wacker railroad cut, G.A. Ludvigson and B.J. Witzke
Stop 4. The Plum River Fault Zone: exposures of cataclastic dolostones from the Maquoketa, Hopkinton and Scotch Grove formations, G.A. Ludvigson
Stop 5. Pennsylvanian-Ordovician unconformity along the Plum River Fault Zone, G.A. Ludvigson
Stop 6. Fault-related carbonate diagenesis in Devonian and Silurian rocks at the Silver Creek Graben, G.A. Ludvigson
Sunday Stop 1. Exposures of the Silurian-Ordovician contact at Bellevue State Park. The Mosalem, Tete des Morts, and Blanding formations, G.A. Ludvigson and B.J. Witzke
Stop 1b. Exposures of Lower Silurian strata along Highway 62 west of Bellevue; Tete des Morts, Blanding, and Hopkinton formations, B.J. Witzke and G.A. Ludvigson
Stop 2. Calcitized dolostones of the Silurian Scotch Grove Formation from an ancient weathering profile beneath the Early Pennsylvanian Caseyville Formation, G.A. Ludvigson