B.J. Witzke, R.M. McKay, B.J. Bunker, and F.J. Woodson (editors)

Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau,
Guidebook Series 10, 1990, 105 p.

Table of Contents

Part I: Mississippian Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironments
Regional Structural Setting of Southeast Iowa

-Petroleum Geology of southeast Iowa

Mississippian Stratigraphy of Southeast Iowa.

-Stratigraphy of the Kinderhookian Series

a. McCraney Formation
b. Prospect Hill Formation
c. Starrs Cave Formation
d. Wassonville Formation

-Stratigraphy of the Osagean and Meramecian Series

a. Burlington Formation

1. Dolbee Creek Member
2. Haight Creek Member
3. Cedar Fork Member
4. Burlington Calcareous Foraminifera
5. Burlington Petrography and Diagenesis

b. Keokuk Formation
c. Warsaw Formation
d. "St. Louis" Formation

1. Nomenclatural Problems
2. Sub-"St. Louis" Unconformity
3. Croton Member

-lateral relationships
-depositional interpretation

4. Yenruogis Member

-depositional interpretation

5. Verdi Member

-lower Verdi
-upper Verdi
-depositional interpretation

6. Waugh Member

-Planar to Cross-Stratified Sandstone and Sandy Shale Facies

depositional interpretation

-Massive, Fractured, and Conglomeratic Ostracode Lime Mudstone Facies

depositional interpretation

-Laminated Ostracode- and Fish-Bearing Lime Mudstone and Shale Facies

depositional interpretations

-Scale Tree Root-Bearing Sandstone and Paleosol Facies

depositional interpretation

-Tetrapod-Bearing Limestone Conglomerate, Shale, and Boulder Conglomerate Facies

depositional interpretation

e. Pella Formation

Regional Mississippian Sedimentation and Sequence Stratigraphy

- Facies Models and Relative Seal Level Changes

a. Kinderhookian Cycles and Sedimentation

1. McCraney and Prospect Hill Sedimentation
2. The Wassonville Cycle

b. Osagean-Early Meramecian Cycles and Sedimentation

1. Dolbee Creek Deposition
2. The Haight Creek Cycle
3. Regional Early Osagean Paleogeography
4. Keokuk Cycle,

c. Meramecian and Genevievian Cycles

1. Salem and St. Louis Cycles

Part II: Stop discussions and descriptions

Stop 1. Keota-Pepper Quarry; Wassonville and Burlington stratigraphy and paleontology
Stop 2. Keswick Quarry; Kinderhookian through Meramecian stratigraphy and the sub-St. Louis unconformity
Stop 3. Type section of the Yenruogis Member sandstone, "St. Louis" Formation
Stop 4. Heimstra Quarry; The Verdi and Waugh members of the "St. Louis" Formation, and the Delta Fossil Amphibian Site
Stop 5. Taylor Quarry; Waugh Member and Pella Formation
Appendix: Legend for Stratigraphic Sections