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Floyd and Mitchell Counties Water Quality Projects

Red ball iconFloyd and Mitchell Counties Water Quality Projects

The hydrogeology and groundwater quality of Floyd and Mitchell counties, Iowa, has been studied by the Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau since 1982. Initially, these studies were part of a series of hydrogeologic studies on karst-carbonate aquifers of northeast Iowa. They have concentrated on the occurrence of nitrates and pesticides in groundwater supplies in Floyd and Mitchell counties. This research assessed the groundwater quality in different hydrogeologic settings and the impact of agricultural drainage wells on the groundwater quality of Devonian carbonate aquifers in the area.

For more information contact Deb Quade (Deborah.Quade@dnr.iowa.gov) or Bob Libra (Robert.Libra@dnr.iowa.gov) at (319)335-1575.

Floyd and Mitchell Counties Water Quality Projects Publications:

I. Hydrogeologic observations from multiple core holes and piezometers in the Devonian-carbonate aquifers in Floyd and Mitchell counties, Iowa; II. Stratigraphic framework for the Devonian aquifers in Floyd-Mitchell counties, Iowa: GSB Open File Report 85-2 (Abstract )

I. Groundwater Quality and Hydrogeology of Devonian-Carbonate Aquifers in Floyd and Mitchell Counties, Iowa ; II. Devonian Stratigraphy of North-Central Iowa: GSB Open File Report 84-2 (Abstract)

Groundwater Quality, Hydrogeology, and Agricultural Drainage Wells: GSB Technical Information Series 29 (Abstract)