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Water Atlases

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The Geological Survey Bureau water atlases are prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey. Each regional atlas covers several counties and contains a variety of water-resource information, including geologic and hydrologic aspects of surface-water and groundwater resources, water levels, well yields, water quality, water use and withdrawals, and water-resource laws and regulation.

The water story in central Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 1 (Table of Contents)

Availability of groundwater in Decatur County, Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 2 (Abstract)

Availability of groundwater in Wayne County, Iowa: GSB WAter Atlas 3 (Abstract)

Water resources of southeast Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 4 (Table of Contents)

Water resources of south-central Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 5 (Table of Contents)

Water resources of east-central Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 6 (Table of Contents)

Water resources of north-central Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 7 (Table of Contents)

Water resources of northeast Iowa: GSB Water Atlas 8 (Table of Contents)