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Geologic Studies and Water Programs

Drinking Water Protection

Economic Geology

Environmental Geology




Structural Geology

Iowa's geology includes materials left by rivers, wind, glaciers, and marine environments, as well as the groundwater and mineral resources they contain. Investigations into the distribution and characteristics of these materials improve the quality and reliability of information and service provided statewide by the Geological Survey Bureau. These studies reflect both the practical application of geology to the environmental and economic issues of our time as well as the scientific research needed to close gaps in our basic knowledge of the state's geology. This information is essential to all who are concerned about resource availability, development, and protection in Iowa. Below, you will find these specific topics:

(1) Drinking Water Protection Programs
(2) Economic Geology
(3) Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology
(4) Mapping
(5) Paleontology
(6) Stratigraphy
(7) Structural Geology

The following information includes abstracts of technical reports. Geological Survey Bureau (GSB) reports may be ordered through the Catalog of Publications, which is organized according to report series (i.e., Special Report Series, Technical Information Series, Open File Reports, etc.). U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) publications are available through the USGS office in Iowa City, (319)337-4191. Geological Society of Iowa (GSI) publications are available through the GSI Web Site. For Iowa Groundwater Association publications, call (319)335-1580. For Iowa Academy of Science (IAS) publications, call (319)273-2022. For Geological Society of America (GSA) publications, call (303)447-2020 (Ext. 152) or write P.O. Box 9140, Boulder, CO 80301-9140 USA; http://www.geosociety.org.

Drinking Water Protection Programs

Protecting the Source of Your Drinking Water

Source Water Protection

Wellhead Protection

Economic Geology

Aggregate - Sand, Gravel, and Limestone

Clay and Shale Production

Coal and Coal Mining: Keystone Coal Industry Manual (Iowa Coal)

Gypsum Production

Limestone Production

Metallic Mineral Resource Exploration

Oil and Gas Exploration

Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology

Environmental Geology

Groundwater Resources

Hydrologic and Climatologic Studies of Cretaceous "Greenhouse World"

Water Quality and Agriculture


Bedrock Geology and Bedrock Topography of Iowa 1998

Bedrock Topographic Map of Iowa

Statemap Program in Iowa

Surficial Geologic Mapping

Water Atlases


Cambrian Trilobite Biostratigraphy: GSB Guidebook Series 8 (Table of Contents)

Delta Fossil Amphibian Site: GSB Guidebook Series 10 (Table of Contents)

Devonian Fossil Gorge

Pennsylvanian Conodont Biostratigraphy: GSB Technical Information Series 14 (Abstract)

Pennsylvanian Palynostratigraphy


Iowa Stratigraphic Column

Alluvial Stratigraphy Study

Alluvial Stratigraphy--Holocene and Quaternary History of Western Iowa

Alluvial Stratigraphy of Late Wisconsinan Valley-Train Terraces

Alluvial Stratigraphy and Landscape Development in Soap Creek Watershed: GSB Open File Report 87-2 (Abstract)

Alluvial Stratigraphy and Landscape Development in Saylorville Lake Area: GSB Open File Report 86-1 (Abstract)

Alluvial Stratigraphy, Paleoecology and Archaeological Geology

Cambrian System Stratigraphic Study

Coal Resources: GSB Open File Report 90-2 (Abstract)

Coal Geology

Cooperative Loess Study with United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Cretaceous System Stratigraphic Study

Cherokee Group Stratigraphy: GSB Technical Information Series 12 (Abstract)

Devonian System Stratigraphic Study

Geotechnical Studies--surficial materials: GSB Technical Information Series 8 (Abstract)

Geomorphic Studies

Glacial Sedimentation and Landforms

Hydrogeology and Stratigraphy of the Dakota Formation in Northwest Iowa: GSB Water-Supply Bulletin 13 (Abstract)

Jurassic System Stratigraphic Study

Manson Impact Structure Studies

Mississippian System Stratigraphic Study

Ordovician System Stratigraphic Study

Paleozoic Stratigraphy: GSB Guidebook Series 8 (Table of Contents)

Phanerozoic History of the Central Midcontinent, United States: Geological Society of America Decade of North American Geology (Introduction)

Pleistocene Stratigraphy in east-central Iowa: GSB Technical Information Series 10 (Abstract)

Pre-Illinoian and Illinoian Stratigraphy in Southeast Iowa and adjacent Illinois: GSB Technical Information Series 11 (Abstract)

Precambrian Geology of Iowa

Silurian System Stratigraphic Study

Standard Procedures for Evaluation of Quaternary Materials: GSB Technical Information Series 8 (Introduction)

Structural Geology

Amoco Eischeid Deep Petroleum Test, Carroll County, Iowa

Early Ordovician Paleotectonism: GSB Technical Information Series 9 (Abstract)

Iowa Earthquakes

Manson Crater Studies

Midcontinent Rift in Iowa

Plum River Fault Zone

Paleozoic Tectonics: GSB Technical Information Series 13 (Abstract)