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The Dakota Formation in Iowa and the type area (Abstract)

Sedimentology and carbonate geochemistry of concretions from the Greenhorn marine cycle (Cenomanian-Turonian), eastern margin of the western interior seaway (Abstract)

Toward an Albian-Cenomanian sphaerosiderite chemostratigraphy in the Dakota Formation of the type area, northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska (Abstract)

Mid-Cretaceous fluvial deposits of the eastern margin, Western Interior Basin: Nishnabotna Member, Dakota Formation: A field guide to the Cretaceous of Guthrie County (Abstract)

Recent research activity on the Dakota Formation in the type area, northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska (Abstract)

Stratigraphic investigations of the basal Cretaceous section at Ash Grove cement quarry, Louisville, Nebraska (Abstract)

High resolution chemostratigraphic correlation of amalgamated paleosols and coeval marine units:  the Dakota Fm. of Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa (Abstract)

Marine-influenced sedimentation in the Dakota Fm, Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian), Central U.S.; implications for sequence stratigraphy and paleogeography in the Western Interior (Abstract)

Carbon isotopic evidence of anaerobic microbial processes involved in the formation of sphaerosiderites in paleosols of the Cretaceous Dakota Formation (Abstract)