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Municipal Water-Supply Inventory

Red ball iconMunicipal Water-Supply Inventory

MWSI(Municipal Water-Supply Inventory)

DESCRIPTION: Since the early 1980s, the Geological Survey Bureau has developed and maintained an extensive database on municipal and rural water systems.

NUMBER OF DATA POINTS: MWSI currently contains information for 3,854 active and abandoned municipal wells and summary information for 859 municipal and rural water supplies.

LOCATION ACCURACY: The location of each municipal well is accurate to <100 feet where location information is available, or where wells were field checked.

SIGNIFICANT DATA ELEMENTS: MWSI contains information about the municipal or rural water system (facility name, address, contact person, water use, number and type of sources, etc.), each active well (name, location, availability, well construction, capacity, geology, aquifer) and surface water supply (name, location, availability).

AVAILABILITY: Summary information for municipal water supplies and municipal wells is available upon request from a staff geologist. Currently, computerized reports for municipal and rural water supplies are available as printouts for most municipal water supplies for their active water sources (primarily wells) only.