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IGS - Educational Materials and Activities

Educational Materials and Activities

In addition to technical publications, we offer educational materials about the geology of Iowa. These are designed to improve public awareness and understanding of environmental and resource issues, as well as to increase enjoyment of travel and recreational opportunities. For more information call the Iowa Geological Survey at (319)335-1575.

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"Iowa Geology": 28-page magazine with full-color articles for general readers on various aspects of the state's geology; published annually between 1976 - 2001. See availability in "List of Publications".

The Rocks (PowerPoint slide show)

IGS educational packet: includes handouts on various geological topics.

"Glacial Landmarks Trail": full-color brochure on the glacial origins of northwestern Iowa and a self-guided tour of significant landscape features and habitats of Iowa's "lake district."

"Landforms of Iowa": a 153-page, paper-back book on the shapes, geologic origins, age, and materials of Iowa's diverse landscapes. Abundant full-color maps and photographs. For general readers, students, and professionals. University of Iowa Press, 1991, by Jean Cutler Prior.

The Surface - (PowerPoint slide show)

"Minerals of Iowa": an 88-page, paper-back book, with some color, describing Iowa minerals, their uses, where they can be found, and tips on collecting. IGS Educational Series 2, 1974, by Paul J. Horick.

"List of Publications": Available on request.

"Index to Topographic Maps of Iowa": Available only by request.

Life of the Past - (PowerPoint slide show)

Activities in the educational arena include presentations for classroom and field-day activities, teacher workshops, university classes and seminars, and public meetings and field trips. The Iowa Geological Survey staff assist with development of interpretive signs and exhibits, work closely with museums, nature centers, county conservation boards, conservation organizations, educational agencies, and professional societies to serve geological education needs of Iowans. Because of our limited staff, all requests cannot be honored.